Print Audit

Make decisions supported by data

Businesses often underestimate the true cost of printing by up to 30%. Ensure your fleet of printers and multifunction devices are being used for best efficiency by undertaking a thorough print audit.

ESP Solutions Group offers two levels of print audit to support your business, regardless of size.

Small to medium enterprises

We offer a complimentary audit which provides a point-in-time snapshot of your printing fleet including makes, models, serial number, total pages printed, mono pages printed, colour pages printed and total scans.  Simple to implement via web browser, our technical support team are also on hand to assist, if required.  Access to this software would cost more than $5,000 and we offer it free to our valued clients.

Medium to large enterprises

Offering deeper detail to the complimentary audit, this server based audit will track data over time to identify trends and patterns and automatically calculates total cost of ownership.  There is a nominal fee to implement this audit which is fully refunded upon purchase of a print management solution.

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* Security Note: Our Print Audit Software has been digitally signed to prevent execution if the file integrity has been compromised. Our software only reads from devices and does not write to them. Confidential data is not collected, viewed or saved. No other network data can be identified or collected by our Print Audit Software. Our Print Audit Software reports usage counts and status of print devices on your network. It does not communicate any information about specific print jobs.

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