Print Management Software

Reduce and control printing costs

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Are your printers, photocopiers and multifunction devices being used efficiently? Which items are nearing their end of useful life? Which are under-utilised? Where are unnecessary costs being incurred through wasteful printing (e.g. colour printing instead of black and white)?

Monitor, report and control your printing expenditure with print management software. We offer a range of packages, with features and reporting options to suit businesses of all sizes.

Package features include:

  • Detailed reporting on your printing fleet including makes, model, serial number, total pages printed, mono pages printed, colour pages printed, total scans
  • Tracking data over time to identify trends and patterns
  • State-of-the-art reporting, calculating total cost of ownership for varied scenarios
  • Tracking and allocation of expenditure to cost centres for accurate, real-time, reporting
  • Monitoring of print process to maximise efficiency through filters, routing, redirection and print rules
  • Print alerts to users to encourage sustainable printing
  • Wireless printing from devices without requiring additional printer drivers and server identification
  • Detailed asset tracking and management
  • Built-in triggers to prompt action, along with links to knowledgebase solutions for common issues
  • Seamless integration with workflow, document management, archiving solutions and accounting packages
  • Seamless integration with current workflows with no change to user experience

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* Security Note: Our Print Management Software has been digitally signed to prevent execution if the file integrity has been compromised. Our software only reads from devices and does not write to them. No other network data can be identified or collected by our Print Management Software. Depending on the software option you choose: Confidential data is not collected, viewed or saved. Our Print Management Software reports usage counts and status of print devices on your network. It does not communicate any information about specific print jobs.


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