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“Customer Intimacy” – ESP’s long-term Value Proposition

Here at ESP Solutions Group (ESP) we’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways we can articulate our value proposition to our customers or potential customers. The idea that companies succeed by selling value is not new. What IS new is how customers define value. Today’s customers have a broad concept of value that includes convenience of purchase, after-sale service, dependability, and so on. This is in contrast to the days of old, where customers judged the value of a product or service using a combination of quality and price. So one might assume then that to compete today, companies have to meet all these different customer expectations? Turns out that this is not necessarily the case. In their best-selling book The Discipline of Market Leaders, Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema explain: Adhering to one “Value Discipline” is key “Companies that have taken leadership positions in their industries in the last decade typically have done so by…