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Resistance is Futile!

Resistance is Futile! Ok, so maybe it sounds a little dramatic and possibly a bit reminiscent of Star Wars (or is it Star Trek..?) but the message within is clear – and likely to become relevant in all aspects of our lives; particularly when it comes to technology. Our world is one of rapid change and, to survive, we must change with it. As George Bernard Shaw wrote “A reasonable man adapts himself to suit his environment. An unreasonable man persists in attempting to adapt his environment to suit himself.” Of course, it pays to be selective and choose your timing when it comes to surfing a technology wave. No firm wants to back a dud or get stuck with a technology that is fast to become obsolete, so being a ‘fast follower’ can be a clever way to embrace technology without the roulette. So, once assessed, how does a Smart business move from making…