Will business EVER be truly digital?

Will business EVER be truly digital?


At times in business, there can be a disconnect between what we want right now and what is possible.

Yes, it would be fantastic if we were all able to operate in a completely digital environment, surrounded by the kind of technology Robert Downey Junior gets to play with in the movie Ironman…

And yes, it would be wonderful to be paperless immediately and avoid the time, cost and administrative burdens that come with printing.

However, particularly if your business has been around a while and has accumulated a lot of archived files, records and reports, achieving a truly digital business probably seems out of reach, not to mention costly.

How can you get there?

At ESP Solutions Group, we specialise in two core offerings: a paperless software platform and print audit and management.

Wait, that’s a strange combination, isn’t it? On the one hand assisting customers to achieve a paperless business and on the other hand managing their copier fleets?

The answer is simple. Paper isn’t a long-term answer for any business, but at the same time not all businesses are at the stage where they are ready for enterprise-wide automation and digitisation.

We’re realistic about business

We know that an effective way for businesses to save money is to automate Accounts Payable and invoicing functions. Straight away, the time consuming approvals process, data entry and requirement for manual storage and filing is eliminated, leading to direct savings. In fact, Business Finance magazine estimates that, depending on the size of an organisation, AP automation can save an average of $16 on processing costs per invoice.

We also know that businesses often underestimate the true cost of printing by up to 30%. The real cost of paper is much higher than what’s sitting in your copier. We continually remind our clients: “People print, not machines”, meaning it’s the printing habits of your staff, the administrative time and cost of processing the paper in addition to expensive archiving and storage requirements which contribute to its real cost.

So, if your business is still paper dependent, how can you use both of these services to put your business on a roadmap to digital freedom?

The Roadmap

All trends and information to hand suggest that a paperless, automated business is more streamlined, more efficient and more profitable due to being able to invest more time and energy into its core, revenue-generating activities than its paper-dependent counterpart.

What ESP Solutions Group offers is a roadmap to achieve an automated, paperless business – no matter where you are starting from.

That’s why we offer the services we do:

  • Print audit – so that you can accurately assess whether your fleet of printers and multi-function devices are being used efficiently.
  • Total print management – so that you are able to reduce your paper-dependency and the cost of your printing and set predetermined goals on where you want to be in the future.
  • eSmart Paper – so that you have a platform on which to build automation and digitising elements for your business

Essentially, our aim is to reduce your paper dependency and at the same time start your journey toward automation and digitisation for no net increase in operational cost. From our point of view, you can’t do one without the other.


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