Customer Service 2.0

Customer Service 2.0

In the crowded business world of today, it seems like everyone has to work harder than ever before just to get noticed. And now, anyone with an internet connection has the ability to become an instant expert in just about anything. It’s increasingly important and, at the same time increasingly difficult, to establish a genuine point of difference.

Let’s play buzzword bingo for a minute using the most common ‘differentiators’ out there:

  • Operational Excellence – “No-one delivers the service like we do”
  • Product or Service Expertise – “We know the most about the thing we sell”
  • Innovation and Forward Looking Approach – “We are constantly looking for ways to do things differently”
  • Customer Service – “We focus all of our attention on our customer”

Let’s get something straight. None of the above count as points of difference. Not these days. Now, they are merely the minimum expectations every potential customer has in their dealings with you.

A decade ago, the term ‘customer service’ was used to describe how to politely deal with customer enquiries. It probably even involved a training course or two on managing conflict and difficult personalities. Today, with viral posts on social media and websites which exist solely to review businesses, if a customer has a bad experience people will soon know about it no matter how much you preach customer service.

Wouldn’t it be great if your customer service promise wasn’t dependent on the moods, whims, salary, tenure or incentives of your employees?

Customer Service 2.0
Customer Service 2.0 moves beyond the people to people engagements. Beyond even the transaction itself. It becomes about anticipating the latent and sometimes peripheral needs of your customer.

In real terms, Customer Service 2.0 isn’t just about solving your customer’s problems. It’s about solving your customer’s customer’s problems.

What does this mean for ESP Solutions Group?
At ESP, our core business is assisting clients by reducing their paper dependency through document digitisation and print management BUT, in line with Customer Service 2.0, we understand it’s also about so much more than scanning a bunch of old records from a file room to save you some storage space. By making YOUR customer OUR priority, a true win-win situation can be achieved. By inextricably linking your success to ours, we are able to offer true value.

How do we do that?
In a word: Data. It’s a free by-product of interaction and all businesses, yours included, have tons and tons of it. Years, sometimes even decades worth of data! Some of it probably already contributes to your strategic goals, some of it may simply be wasted or not recognised as being valuable.

As an ESP customer, Customer Service 2.0 means we work to understand your industry and the type of data you have so that when it’s digitised, it can be captured correctly and analysed intelligently to create smart reports, analyse trends, reveal relationships, dependencies and sometimes even predict outcomes and behaviours.

Unlocking value you didn’t know you had? Now that’s real customer service.